Best law firm in Saudi Arabia in 2022 – Fahad Al-Tamimi leading

Best law firm in Saudi Arabi

Best law firm in Saudi Arabia in 2022: Fahad Al-Tamimi is one of the top law firms in Saudi Arabia. It is called the best law firm in KSA because of its quality legal services to clients on affordable charges. It has learned and experienced lawyers and legal consultants who deliver legal services in Arabic and English languages both. Our lawyers in Saudi Arabia deal in all types of claims, issues, and disputes related to banking, debt, corporate, securities, insurance, real estate, labour law, execution, family, civil and criminal procedures. Know other services below.

Our law firm in Saudi Arabia also provides a complete solution to investment, company formation for different businesses. Fahad Al-Tamimi international lawyers in KSA are experts in foreign company establishment under MISA and other FDI services for foreign clients. For detailed information about our legal services and business development consultancy read the full article.

Law Firm Team in Saudi Arabia – Fahad Al Tamimi Expert Lawyers

Best law firm in Saudi Arabia

Our lawyers in Saudi Arabia are known for their expertise, experience, and affordable quality services in their specific domain of legal practices.  Fahad At-Tamimi law firms’ advocates in KSA possess an international outlook and stance which make it uniquely and outstandingly suitable to the modern legal practice. Our team of lawyers and legal consultants possess all modern means of communication to extend their legal services in Saudi Arabia’s all regions. 

We also have wide consultation and cooperation with known legal offices in the GCC states and outside gulf countries to succeed in our transactions in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. The team provides services in different practice areas given below.

Law Firm Practice Areas – Team Lawyers’ Legal Expertise

The guiding principle of our law firm consultants’ legal practice is “our clients’ success”. Our lawyers and partners work by coordinating and cooperating with each other across offices and practice areas to produce the best result. Our lawyers in Saudi Arabia provide innovative solutions for our clients from different Saudi courts and from the Middle East. We provide our services in different practice areas like:

  • Arbitration
  • Banking and Finance
  • Balance Sheet and Insolvency
  • Capital Markets
  • Commercial field
  • Competition
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Corporate Service
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Digital and Data
  • Employment & Incentives
  • Equity and Share
  • Family Business/Disput
  • es
  • Financial Legal Issues
  • Intellectual Property
  • Insurance
  • Litigation – Local and International
  • Notary
  • Projects
  • Real Estate
  • Taxes
  • Venture Capital

Law Firm Servicing Sectors – Public/Private/Onshore/Free Zones… 

Best law firm in Saudi Arabia

Our law firm in Saudi Arabia provides legal services across the public and private sectors, onshore and within the free zones of clients’ requirements. We are always preferred because of our quality strategic advice and counselling to protect clients’ best interest at competitive cost. The sectors we serve our clients are:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Defence and Security
  • Education
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Insurance – Health and Life
  • Tourism – Hotels and Leisure
  • Real Estate and Building Construction
  • Consumers – Retail and wholesale Products
  • Sports and Events
  • Telecommunication – Media and Technology
  • Transport and Logistics

Law Firm Consultancy Services in KSA – Pre to Post…

Fahad Al-Tamimi Law Firm in Saudi Arabia is hired for legal consultancy services as it always cooperates along the journey of clients’ success. Our legal and business consultants take the responsibility to be with clients in all ups and down to bring needful solutions. Our investment consultants give all the required solutions for investment in viable businesses under the procedures of the Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia (MISA). The present MISA is known as the former SAGIA. Our consultancy services is available in the fields of:

Law Firm’s Secrets of Success 

The secrets of our law firm success are based on principles we work on. For example,  our practicing lawyers and business consultants provide clients either local or national, regional or foreigner, poor or rich alike the quality required legal services for best result. Our clients’ success in getting needful solutions is the efforts of forward looking and rational thinking legal experts we have in our team. Our legal team includes some of the best recognised Saudi lawyers in the Kingdom. 

Our legal team of lawyers in Saudi is considered as the most result oriented due to its effective practice areas by Chambers Global, IFLR1000 and Legal 500. Our team lawyers use the experience we have gained during the practice of complex, fast-paced and complicated lawsuits in Saudi courts of law. It gives edge on others to make sure that our clients get the highest standards of legal and consultancy services from our team of experts that fits their needs. You can contact us for your problem’s legal solution.


Fahad Al Tamimi operates across the Saudi regions through its offices’ legal consultants and provides legal support to clients as their own responsibility. We work as a team and provide our clients with the solution-orientated legal advice they need and find legal solutions to complex problems. We cover Saudi local and regional jurisdictions better than any other global law firm. It keeps us at unique positions with “on-the-ground” insight and expertise to serve a diverse national and international client base in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How many lawyers are there in Saudi Arabia?

Ans. The Saudi Ministry of Justice (MoJ) announced that there are  nearly 18,000 legal professionals across the Saudi Kingdom. As per June 2021 beginning statistics the registered lawyers are 9,541 including 1,364 female lawyers in Saudi Arabia. 

Q. Can female lawyers work in Saudi Arabia?
Ans. The female lawyers in Saudi Kingdom achieved a landmark victory in 2013 to practice  law and argue their cases in Saudi courtrooms. It came as a triumph after years of being prohibited from appearing in law court for pleading clients’ cases.

Q. Who is the first woman lawyer in Saudi Arabia?
Ans. Arwa Al-Hujali is the first woman trainee lawyer of Saudi Arabia. Arwa graduated from King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah in 2010. In the beginning she was denied registration as a lawyer. So she petitioned the Saudi Ministry of Justice (MoJ) for three years before they granted her application.

Q. What type of law does Saudi Arabia follow?
Ans. Saudi Arabia is an Islamic state, so its judicial system is based on Islamic law (Shari’ah) for both criminal and civil cases. The King in Saudi Arabia is the head of the legal system and so He acts as the final court of appeal and source of pardon in the Kingdom.

Q. Is adultery a crime in Saudi Arabia?
Ans. Adultery and homosexuality are crime and illegal in Saudi Arabia. The punishment for committing adultery and homosexuality in Saudi Arabia varies as per the marital status of the person who has committed it.

Q. Can a woman divorce her husband in Saudi Arabia?
Ans. While a man in Saudi Arabia can quickly divorce his wife through talaq by saying thrice “I divorce you” and getting the divorce verified in court. While a woman seeking to end the marriage has to convince the Saudi courts with both a reason and strong evidence of physical abuse or others.

Q. What happens if you get caught stealing in Saudi Arabia?
Ans. Theft i.e. stealing in secret is punished by the amputation of the offender’s right hand or arm and for highway robbery may be punished by execution, crucifixion, or amputation of hands and feet from opposite sides of the body, depending on the severity of the offence.

Q. What is stoning in Saudi Arabia?
Ans. The execution method for committing adultery by married men and women KSA is stoning. If the conviction of adultery is established through confession, a retraction of the confession or the defendant leaving the pit while stoning is taking place results in the penalty being stayed.