Employers need legal advice and lawyer’s services in resolving labor-related issues and disputes on time in an amicable manner so that they can focus on business operation and development successfully. Our legal team at Fahad Al-Tamimi Law Firm has expertise in all fields of workplace law and experience in the internal work systems of companies and institutions.

Our learned and expert lawyers help clients in all legal matters to resolve their labor and employment disputes to final result practically and cost-effectively. Our legal team pleads clients’ cases before the labor office or before the preliminary or higher commission on labor and employment-related matters and issues such as:

Labor Employment Issues Cases

Employment Contract’s Issues:

  • Right to Work, Probation Period,
  • Characteristics of Employment Contract,
  • Contract Duration & Expiration, Unfair Dismissal,
  • Relocation of Employees & Change in Duties,
  • Employee Discipline; Discrimination in Employment, & Immigration.

Employment Conditions:

  • Conditions of employment i.e. treatment of professional and managerial post,
  • Leave, workman's compensation, mandatory deductions from salary, end-of-service benefits, health insurance,
  • Transfer of employees, workers in remote areas, termination of the employer-employee relationship,

Saudization of Human Resource: We also help employers to fulfill their obligations under the national policy of the Kingdom to encourage the employment of Saudi nationals in the private sector services.