How to Choose Top Corporate Lawyers in Saudi Arabia?

Top Corporate Lawyers

Corporate lawyers in Saudi Arabia: In this article we have discussed “why and when corporate lawyers are needed”,  ‘tips on choosing corporate lawyers”, “where to look for top corporate lawyers”, “what to check for hiring best business lawyers”, “what to ask before finalizing corporate lawyers”, and “why you prefer F. Al Tamimi Law Firm”, etc. in detail below.

Why and When Corporate Lawyers are Needed for Business Success

You as a business owner need different kinds of professionals such as corporate lawyers, accountant, CA, auditor, and mentor or business advisor.  They can handle problems and issues of their fields easily on time. Because these professionals, especially corporate lawyers in Saudi Arabia have the skills and experience that you simply either don’t have or lack the time to handle on your own. If you have one of the top corporate lawyers in Saudi Arabia for running your business smoothly and successfully, you can call and depend on him whenever your company faces legal problems.

There are many instances and contexts when corporate lawyers or business advocates can be helpful. For example, 

  • In setting up a new business firm or company
  • Managing tax liability of the corporation.
  • Using litigation to settle disputes in the court of law.
  • For drafting and finalizing contracts with other parties. 
  • When your business needs legal representation.
  • When company executives need to know a better understanding of government regulations.
  • To protect the company’s intellectual property.
  • To make the best legal strategy for its markets globally.

Tips on Choosing Top Corporate Lawyers in Saudi Arabia

Top Corporate Lawyers in Saudi Arabia

Hiring the best company lawyer or commercial lawyer in KSA is not so easy. Because you need to hire a corporate lawyer who understands the industry in which your company deals and has the required experience to assist it in a better way. There are many tips to choose corporate lawyers in Saudi Arabia, like where to search for the best business lawyer,   and then how to choose one of the top corporate lawyers for the success of your business. These tips are as follows:

  1. Where to look for top corporate lawyers in Saudi Arabia
  2. What to check and consider for the best business lawyer in Saudi Arabia.
  3. What to ask before finalizing one of the top corporate lawyers in KSA.
  4. Why to prefer Fahad Al Tamimi Law Firm for corporate lawyers in Saudi Arabia.   

Where to Look for Top Corporate Lawyers in Saudi Arabia

You can ask business colleagues for referrals, consult the local bar association, and also search online for qualified and experienced corporate lawyers in Saudi Arabia. Let’s discuss them below.

1. Ask Business colleagues for Referrals for Corporate Lawyers

You should prefer fellow business owners in your industry as the best people to ask for referrals of top corporate lawyers in Saudi Arabia for your company. It just needs a simple phone call to  local business colleagues to ask for their recommendations on the best corporate lawyer for your business enterprise.

2. Consult Local Bar Association for Saudi Business Lawyers 

The other relevant source for good quality corporate lawyers in Saudi Arabia is your local bar association.  The bar association is simply an association of professional lawyers in the region that specialize in different fields of law practices including the corporate and business sector. There is a comprehensive list of local law firms and advocates including corporate lawyers and corporate law firms  along with contact details, their location, experience and area of expertise. You can contact them directly or by their office.

3. Search Online for Commercial Referral Saudi Lawyers Services

Corporate Lawyers

There are many commercial referral services for lawyers and law firms including corporate lawyers in KSA. You can search online their websites to find a referral for the best business lawyer in Saudi Arabia. The best way to find law firms referral services  is to use an online search engine like Google  and put relevant keywords like “lawyer referral” etc. Some referral services are free and others are paid, you can go to free ones.

What to Check for Hiring the Best Business Lawyer in KSA

You should analyze lawyers’ websites, search online reviews, check their qualification, specialization, experiences, professionalism, communication skills, attitude, etc. which are given below in detail.

1. Do Proper Analysis of Each Lawyer’s Website

lawyers in ksa

Once you get some referrals from one or the other means given above, you should choose the relevant ones as per need of your business firm. Then visit the websites of all the prospective lawyers and law firms. Look at the appearance and content management system (CMS) of the website as well as the type of content that they post. Because,  these days a website works as a business card, and reflects their professionalism and how seriously they take their work.

2. Search for Online Reviews About Corporate Lawyers and Firms

There are many sources available online including Google+, Avvo and Yelp where you can find useful and reliable reviews on corporate lawyers in Saudi Arabia. You should give importance to those reviews that are accompanied by a name and surname instead of those which don’t have. 

3. Check Each Lawyer’s Qualifications

Most good lawyers give their qualifications and work history on their website. You should look for important information like which law school they attended and the year they graduated. You should also check the law school’s background, accreditation, and reputation.

The other information to check here is the type and number of cases they have taken on and how many won. You should also check clients’ testimonials and other credentials that make the lawyers specialists in the corporate field.

4. Be Sure Company Lawyers Have Required Experience

Choosing lawyers based on their field of qualification, expertise, and experience gives them a better understanding of your firm’s industry, nature of business, needful guidance, collaboration, and accomplishments in business development. So, the specialty of corporate lawyers in Saudi Arabia whom you hire should align with your company’s needs. It means, you must ensure the lawyer has the experience in the area of law in which you require assistance. Because there are various legal field services in businesses such as company incorporation law, lax law, intellectual property law, real estate law, bankruptcy law, etc.

If you need long-term legal services for your business, choose reliable and experienced corporate lawyers in Saudi Arabia and build trustable relationships with them. You can even recruit an in-house lawyer permanently if the business firm is big.

5. Make Sure Lawyers Understand Your Company’s Industry

When talking with potential corporate lawyers in Saudi Arabia, be sure they understand the industry in which you are doing business. If the prospective business lawyers don’t know how companies operate in this industry, you may face issues over time. Therefore,

you need to make sure they are familiar with your industry and its legal environment before hiring corporate lawyers in KSA. 

6. Check Lawyers’ Attitude and Approach 

Advocates or Saudi corporate lawyers have different attitudes, styles, personalities, and approaches when dealing with clients or representing them in the court. So, you should match first business lawyers’ attitudes, behavior, and approaches to your own in addition to finding professionalism. Thus, you have to find a company lawyer in KSA with whom you are comfortable and you can trust him or her in taking care of legal matters that impact your business.

7. Check Corporate Lawyers’ Communication Skill

Advocates or lawyers are paid to communicate with their adversaries and judges of their cases. Therefore, it is equally important that corporate lawyers in Saudi Arabia should have the ability to communicate rationally and effectively by quoting facts, figures and valid references in an organized and understandable manner. 

8. Check Lawyers’ Legal Professionalism

Professionalism in corporate attorneys is more than their qualification and personality. It involves certain objective actions and instant decision making ability that distinguish the top corporate lawyers in Saudi Arabia from average. As a “professional” business lawyers do the following:

  • They work passionately to protect your legal best interests.
  • They use your resources efficiently and economically. 
  • Respond to all clients’ telephone calls or communications properly.
  • Arrive at meetings’ place or court on time and well-prepared.
  • Follow-up cases or legal matters as their own. 
  • Give you the best possible advice about alternative dispute resolution procedures.
  • Behave properly with all irrespective of  adverse situations.

Thus, the best corporate lawyer takes ownership in your problem and works tirelessly to find winning solutions.

9. Check the Lawyers are Familiar with Your Region

There are different nature and level of legal problems or issues a company needs specialist lawyers to handle them. Some need local business lawyers and the other national specialist corporate lawyers in Saudi Arabia. For example, workers’ compensation matters or real estate issues are handled locally. But in matters of federal laws like company formation, foreign direct investment (FDI) related issues can be handled in the best way by national specialists in FDI or company incorporation. 

Therefore, choose the local level business lawyers to handle the local matters of disputes who have better knowledge of the local laws and procedures. As it becomes easy and convenient to have the local specialist lawyers to visit them and discuss the problem in person.

What to Ask Before Finalizing Top Corporate Lawyers in KSA

Before finalizing corporate lawyers in Saudi Arabia you should ask about the legal team, resources they have and about fees and its procedures.

Ask About their Legal Team and Resources 

There are two types of corporate lawyers, some work by themselves, while others outsource certain tasks to their peers. One practice individually and others are part of big law firms. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. 

As large law firms in KSA charge big amounts on hourly rates. But, they have a big team of specialist legal professionals. They use different effective teams and resources in solving your case successfully. On the contrary, hiring a single lawyer may be more economical. But, if your case is beyond his law field, he will certainly refer you to someone with that legal field. And sometimes, you may need to consult several lawyers of different legal fields to address different aspects of your legal issue. 

At the End Ask About Fees and Other Stuff

At the end of discussion with Saudi corporate lawyers, ask them about the firm’s billing procedures and cost or fee, as hourly basis, per case or any other method of charges, if you’re not recruiting permanently . Also, ask them if they will consider a reduced rate for increased volume of work. You should ask about all types of options and concessions transparently. 

Why You Prefer Fahad Al Tamimi Law Firm 

There are many options that a company can choose from when looking to hire a corporate lawyer. But businesses looking for  corporate lawyers in Saudi Arabia will benefit by working with F. Al Tamimi Law Firm. We provide a wide range of corporate legal services with affordable, transparent fees and advance estimates including very personalized service. We provide all types of business, corporate and commercial lawyers in KSA to address any legal concerns and succeed.