Best Commercial Lawyers in Saudi Arabia

Successful commercial lawyers can be a great asset to any company and help protect businesses and interests. You can learn many insights about commercial lawyers, their credentials, characteristics, qualities, duties, role including difference between commercial and business laws in this article below. These all will help in selecting the proper right commercial lawyers in Saudi Arabia for your business firm. 

Best Commercial Lawyers

What is a commercial lawyer?

A commercial lawyer is a qualified law professional who practices commercial law. Commercial law is a part of civil law that deals with business operations like trade, sales and distribution of goods and services, hiring and firing, intellectual property, and the financial transactions. Commercial lawyers advise the company and act in its best interests, helping the business follow the laws and maintain compliance with any government institutions.

Difference Between Commercial and Business Law

Commercial and business law are two legal areas that often overlap one another. Most lawyers who practice in commercial areas also have experience in the business laws of the land. 

As discussed above, commercial law covers the sale and distribution of goods and financial transactions. Commercial law in KSA is regulated by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) of Saudi Arabia. The UCC is a set of laws that deal with selling goods and maintaining secure transactions. 

While business law of a country focuses on incorporation of companies, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), leasing commercial spaces, shareholder rights, etc. The business law is regulated by national and local law. The national law covers business areas like investments, stocks, employment practices and workplace safety. Whereas local laws deal in areas like licensing requirements or rules for forming a business.

Areas of Commercial Law 

Before coming to the commercial lawyers in Saudi Arabia, let’s discuss what are the areas the commercial laws deal with. Commercial laws of a country cover commercial activities of companies. These commercial activities may include manufacturing, sales of consumer goods,  insurance, partnerships, merchant shipping, and any business related legal agreement or disagreements. Commercial law of a state includes the following areas of commercial transactions:

  • Corporate law,
  • Labor law,
  • Corporate governance,
  • Trademark law,
  • International trade law,
  • Merchant sales,
  • Consumer protection,
  • Contract law,
  • Patent law,
  • Copyright law,
  • Intellectual property law,
  • Competition/antitrust law,
  • Environmental law, and 
  • Any other laws which are related to commercial context.

Qualities of Best Commercial Lawyers in Saudi Arabia

Close-up of businessman examining business contract and signing it at the office desk

The qualities of best commercial lawyers in KSA may include decades of courtroom experience and an established name in the industry, and also who may bring value to the company’s  commercial activities and to your business too. 

As hiring legal services is an essential aspect of any commercial or business transactions. Because a company deals with many customers, buyers, suppliers, and other parties, disputes are bound to arise during any transaction of commercial nature. Therefore, you as a business owner may need to be prepared in defense before you face a lawsuit or need to file one. 

For  all the said legal issues, you will need the learned and experienced best commercial lawyers in Saudi Arabia. So, if you have reliable, qualified, and successful commercial lawyers for your company, you can be more or less assured that your business is in safe hands.

However, this assurance depends on the characteristics of good commercial lawyers in KSA you have hired. 

What Qualities Commercial Lawyers in KSA Have 

The top commercial lawyers in Saudi Arabia need to be knowledgeable, creative and strategic in order to advise their clients. Only then, they can help them  on how to negotiate a transaction effectively and to find innovative ways to solve the unique issues in each transaction. They should also be excellent project managers, supervisors,  and coordinators to handle each legal formalities in transactions and businesses with any other buyers or sellers of goods or products.  

Good commercial lawyers in KSA have a vast understanding of corporate law, exercise great judgment, communicate effectively with the clients, understand the goals of the clients, and are responsive to their queries.

Characteristics of Good Commercial Lawyers in KSA

Legal professionals must have some characteristics and credentials to be considered as the best commercial lawyers in Saudi Arabia. We have discussed some of them below to consider when you are finding the best commercial lawyers for your company, for example:

1. Commercial lawyers must have bachelor’s degree in law

Lawyers must hold at least a bachelor’s degree in law with specialization in commercial law from a recognized law college for practicing as commercial lawyers. 

2. Experience in practicing commercial legal work

In practicing law effectively, experience is one of the factors that can make a great commercial lawyer. Experience is a key consideration in the selection process of a good commercial lawyer in Saudi Arabia. Because, the more years a lawyer has put into practice, the better the services you can get.

You should prefer  lawyers whose sole service provision is in commercial law, especially in your industry or field, rather than a general law. Beside it, you should also consider the number of cases the prospective lawyers have won. It is better to compare the number of cases the lawyers have  handled and out of those they’ve won. This comparison will help in gauging the capability of the commercial lawyers in Saudi Arabia to help you build and win your case.

3. Reliability of Commercial Lawyers

Reliability is one of the key features of commercial lawyers for clients’ support all the time. The reliable commercial lawyers always walk with their customers every step of the commercial journey when it comes to legal advice or representation in the court. They don’t give up midway if the case gets tough and they are available when you need them the most. The reliable corporate lawyers give quick responses on the first or second call and don’t need to respond after nine to ten times or visit their offices physically to get assistance in any legal matter of urgency.  

4. Communication Skills of Commercial Lawyers

Effective and efficient communication skills can define successful and excellent commercial lawyers in KSA. Because it is the communication skill that helps the lawyers to negotiate with other companies’ customers in commercial transactions or issues, conflicts and  present your case before the relevant panel in the court. 

Communication is one of the skills that you should look for before hiring a commercial lawyer. Because an outspoken commercial lawyer in Saudi Arabia can present your case related to a commercial nature  before a judge and argue well with the defense lawyer or prosecutor. 

5. Confidence of Commercial Lawyers 

You should also check the confidence level of commercial lawyers when choosing for your commercial firm. Because it is the confidence level of a lawyer that often convinces the parties when negotiating on a legal issue or compel panel to look at your case from your lawyer’s viewpoint. As a result, it could give you a better chance of winning your case in a commercial matter.

6. Writing or Drafting Skill of Commercial Lawyer

Credentials of commercial lawyers

In addition to being proficient in their oral or communicative skills, the right commercial lawyers should also be good at writing, as it helps in the drafting of your case. To win the case its draft should be clear, well-detailed, and straight to the point. Because a well drafted case may ensure that the other parties as well as the judge can understand the case before them.

7. Responsibility of Commercial Lawyers

You should choose commercial lawyers who are responsible and accountable to their duties and promptly update you on all matters related to legal commercial aspects transactions and related cases. They handle all legal aspects of business matters and issues independently and shouldn’t wait until the last minute for any decision. 

8. Knowledge and Expertise of Commercial Lawyers

For making your company’s commercial transactions legally sound, your commercial lawyers in Saudi Arabia must have proper knowledge and understanding of the commercial laws of KSA. The learned commercial lawyers should be well-versed with laws surrounding your business and industry. For example, if your company deals in imports and exports, the hired lawyer should be aware of all the associated aspects and factors involved in trade with foreign countries.

Duties of Best Commercial Lawyers in Saudi Arabia

What is the Role of a Commercial Attorney?

A commercial attorney in KSA performs the following role in a company’s legal aspects of commercial matters, for example:

  • Commercial lawyers manage contracts for businesses and ensure that there are no legal provisions that could harm the company. 
  • If a problem arises with a contract, the commercial lawyer must decide whether it is a legal or business issue and advise the clients accordingly.
  • They deal with different aspects of business transactions, like client agreements, contracts, or purchase agreements.
  • They handle transaction disputes legally and work with the company’s litigation department. They supervise international business deals, and trade or employment agreements.
  • They compose commercial reports or prepare legal documents for their clients. 
  • Their role is important  when working with other lawyers, clients, or agencies to negotiate a transaction.

What does a commercial lawyer do in Saudi Arabia?

Commercial lawyers in KSA do many things depending on their clients’ legal needs. For example:

1. Advise on all commercial matters of the company,

2. Draft legal documents on commercial matters and issues,

3. Represent clients’ cases in court,

4. Anticipate any legal concerns of the firm,

4. Address legal problems and work to resolve,

5. Negotiate with other businesses on legal issues,

6. Study new commercial laws to get updated,

7. Ensure business compliance with regulatory standards,

8. Protect company’s business assets legally. 

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