Mediation & Amicable Settlements in Saudi Arabia

Mediation & Amicable Settlements in Saudi Arabia

At Fahad Al Tamimi, we believe that a good intermediary is all you need to solve a dispute. If you proceed with the mediation process as early as possible, time, money and relationships are protected and saved despite the dispute. Our attorneys act as mediators in commercial, financial, international, property , shareholder and other disputes. They are trained in the art of amicable mediation that is sensitive to both parties' grievances.

Our Mediation Services include and is not limited to:

  • Mediation Process Guidance in explaining the steps, setting expectations and ensuring rights, roles and responsibilities
  • Neutral Mediator Selection of an expert in the specific area of the dispute and respect both parties decisions.
  • Preparation and Strategy for a productive negotiation and mediation discussion
  • Mediated Settlement Agreements in a clear and comprehensive manner that reflects both parties intentions
  • Effective Communication Facilitation in creating safe and respectful space for open dialogue