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The World’s Most Dynamic Economy

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has forever played an important role in the Arab and Islamic worlds. Ideally located at the heart of three continents, Saudi Arabia has been an important trade route and a vital link that connects East & West since ancient times. The Kingdom offers exciting opportunities and potential for investors from across the world. As a G20 economy with over 34 million inhabitants comprising a young and highly educated community, Saudi Arabia is the new hotspot for investors looking for a future forward and highly potential economy.

Why Invest in Saudi Arabia ?

Invest in Saudi Arabia

Strong Economic Foundation: Saudi Arabia is the largest economy in the Middle East built on a strong foundation of innovation, diversification and sustainability. It is a constantly growing economy with potential for more growth and investment

Strategic Location

Strategic Location: Saudi Arabia is at the heart of Europe, Asia and Africa and thus offers unparalleled access to regional and international markets. It has been the ideal hub for trade since ancient times and makes international business and trade easier.

Business Friendly Economy

Business Friendly Economy: With a highly stable and secure political environment and regulatory body, Saudi Arabia provides a solid ground for businesses to thrive. The government has implemented various reforms that ensure the Kingdom is a business friendly environment

Immense Market Potential

Immense Market Potential: As a G20 economy with a highly educated young population, Saudi Arabia offers a vibrant consumer market. The Kingdom’s highly ambitious projects like Neom, provides a host of opportunities across all industries.

Investment Incentives

Investment Incentives: Vision 2030 is an ambitious roadmap that aims at diversifying the economy further. This long term initiative offers a plethora of investment incentives which includes tax exemptions, land allocation and easier business regulations.

Business set

Business set up in just 30

Eased Visa Regulations

Eased Visa Regulations with full ownership

economic reforms

Major economic reforms under vision 2030

economic markete

Largest free economic market in Middle East