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An elite team of lawyers, legal advisors and paralegals together form the core of Fahad Al Tamimi Law Firm. This team brings to you a diverse range of expertise. Our team has a deep knowledge of Saudi law and a multicultural business background that contributes to global trends. This unique combination enables Fahad Al Tamimi law firm to deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients' legal challenges. Our multidisciplinary team is frequently sought after by leading national and international organisations for qualitative, legal, and business-critical advice. Our specialist group of lawyers work diligently and devotedly, to give intelligent, innovative, and inspirational legal solutions to client’s cases. With our in-depth understanding of the local legal landscape, we navigate the intricacies of Saudi law with precision, and guide our clients through complex legal matters and ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations.

Owner, Commercial, Corporate Lawyer and Notary.


Commercial, Corporate Lawyer & Notary

Naif Al Tamimi



A Mutli-Cultural Team To Help International Clients Feel At Home

Saudi Arabia is a country that celebrates cultural diversity while protecting the traditions and heritage of the nation’s culture. Our team has citizens from across the world whose diverse backgrounds, language skills and cross- cultural experiences enable effective communication and collaboration with international clients. We guide them to understand all the cultural differences while making them feel at home. This way, they find it easier to begin their business journey in Saudi Arabia.

A Client Focused Team Working Across All Provinces in Saudi Arabia

Fahad Al Tamimi takes the time to understand unique needs and goals and develop tailored legal strategies for individual clients. With a wide network of specialised employees, administrators and office staff , we provide legal services across all provinces of Saudi Arabia. We also have various collaborative associations with numerous legal offices in every GCC State and other countries. Our team is dedicated to provide top-notch legal services to our clients in a timely and effective manner.

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