How to choose the good lawyers in Saudi Arabia

How to choose the good lawyers in Saudi Arabia: First thing here is why you are looking for a lawyer. The need for a good lawyer comes when a person faces a problem or has a legal issue in business, property, family or conflict with someone to seek justice in a court of law. To plead the case before a judge needs a good lawyer who has good qualities, legal skills, and follows legal duties towards clients’ objectives. In this article we have discussed about 10 qualities, 13 legal skills, and duties of good lawyers towards clients, court, and opponents. 

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How to Select the Good Lawyers in Saudi Arabia?

Whenever people face problems in their life in KSA which need a right lawyer similar to health problems that need a right doctor to diagnose and advise the right treatment. For legal problems some are afraid to hire a lawyer and file a case in the court of law or defend themselves if someone has filed a case against them. However, those who want to hire a lawyer, they always have a question in their mind “how to choose the good lawyers in Saudi Arabia”. 

Because choosing the best lawyer to plead the case before a judge may lead the judgment in their favor otherwise the outcome will be vice versa.  However, hiring good lawyers or advocates in Saudi Arabia is not a guarantee to win the case. But, if you have problem and want to know how to choose the good lawyers in Saudi Arabia, you should take the following qualities of good lawyers and their skills and code of conduct in consideration before hiring:  

A. First Identify your legal problem or issue

B. Find out the following qualities of good lawyer before hiring

C. Skills of good lawyers

D. Code of conduct and duties of good lawyers or advocates

A. Identify your Problem Before Hiring a Good Lawyer in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia before choosing a good lawyer, you must understand and identify your problem first. Are you having a dispute in the family, a property dispute in relation, criminal issues, problems of taxes, intellectual property, a breach of contract or legal problems in business, etc. So, it is good to analyse the circumstances and come to the conclusion first what type of lawyers you actually need to sort out your problem in the court. 

For your problems you must do research online related to your legal issue and make sure yourself to know what type of lawyers you are looking for. For example, suppose you are going to start a business in Saudi Arabia, for this you should visit the website of the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Investment and get the full information related to a new company or startup in Saudi Arabia. Then search for good law firms or corporate law firms in Saudi Arabia, such as F. Al Tamimi Law Firm which provides good lawyers in Saudi Arabia for any legal matter including good business or corporate lawyers. 

B. Qualities of Good Lawyers in Saudi Arabia 

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If you have understood and finally identified your problem or legal issue then proceed to know the qualities of good lawyers in Saudi Arabia. You have to choose one out of the different types of lawyers in KSA to give a proper solution to the problem with advice or fighting the case in the court. Good lawyers in Saudi Arabia have the following qualities:

  • They have license to practice and membership of a Bar council
  • Good lawyers understand the client’s problem or issue
  • They care their clients in all circumstances
  • Have the passion for their profession
  • Show willingness to listen 
  • Have the good knowledge of their specialization in law
  • Good in project management
  • Emotionally balanced
  • Have their own website
  • Their third-party ratings are good

Good Lawyers have License to Practice and Membership of a Bar Council

All good lawyers in Saudi Arabia who practice the law must have a license and be listed in a bar council of the state. This is because having a simple law degree or LLB doesn’t mean lawyers are authorized to practice law in courts. For this you must enquire about the lawyer or advocate’s state bar number. You must find whether he or she has any ethical issue in the past from the bar council where the same is listed. 

Good Lawyers Understand the Client’s Problem or Issue Carefully

Good lawyers in Saudi Arabia always try to understand and analyse the client’s problem first before proceeding to act and perform his/her duties. Because when a lawyer or advocate pleads the client’s case before a judge after understanding and analysing the issue, then only a favorable judgment is expected or guaranteed after announcement of the case verdict.  

Good Lawyers Care their Clients in All Circumstances

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Client’s care is one of the qualities of good lawyers in Saudi Arabia. They always keep the clients’ care  on the top of courtesy and professionalism. This is because the clients are the persons or sources of bread and butter the Almighty Allah sends the risk through to lawyers or advocates. Besides, it is also the duty of lawyers to serve their clients honestly.   

Good Lawyers Have the Passion for their Profession

The successful and the best lawyers in Saudi Arabia are seen to always have a passion for their profession. As those who have passions for their work or job or whatever they do it makes them develop enthusiasm for more knowledge and learning the skills to be successful in profession, career, and life. As a result, good lawyers in Saudi Arabia who are passionate about practicing law are happier, perform better in court, and are successful in their careers.

Willingness to Listen is an Important Quality of Good Lawyers

If a lawyer shows willingness to listen to the clients, it makes clients open to give more information for lawyers’ good preparation and arguments in the court. Thus, the quality of lawyers for listening to the clients, witnesses, opposition’s counsel or advocate, and listening to the court can make the difference between winning or losing a case. So, listening is one of the qualities of good lawyers in Saudi Arabia.

Good Lawyers Have Better Knowledge of Their Speciality

At the time of choosing the good lawyers in Saudi Arabia, hire a lawyer who specializes in the field you need. They must have the knowledge, training, and experience needed to resolve your case effectively. Ensure that the lawyers you are hiring should be specialized in a single field, and continuously update their knowledge to stay on top of the latest industry trends and regulations. 

Hire the Lawyers Who are Good in Project Management

Choose those good advocates or lawyers in Saudi Arabia who are specialized and engaged in the trade or transactions between states or countries if your case is related to this category. Because inter-state or international or cross-border transactions related cases need project management knowledge, skills, and experiences. In this case coordination is the basic and primary element that helps in the management of a project between two or different nations.  

Choose the Good Lawyers Who are Emotionally Balanced

Emotional balance is a state of mind which helps to manage the emotions gently, honestly, and wisely. It helps good lawyers to attain flexibility and promotes stabilization between mind and body during arguments in the court. The emotionally balanced lawyers are able to attach the variety of events of their clients so as to drive and explain the happenings of the event(s) to the Hon’ble judges. Therefore, you should always hire the good lawyers in Saudi Arabia who are emotionally balanced. 

Having Own Website is a Quality of Good Lawyers

The good lawyers in Saudi Arabia upload and put their accolades, awards and honors, publications, testimonials, and even some of them offer free consultations in special categories of clients on their website. Thus, you can have some important information before choosing a good lawyer.

See Third-party Ratings Before Choosing Good Lawyers 

There are some third-party services which have a patented selection process of recognizing outstanding or good lawyers in Saudi Arabia or other countries. These third-party rating groups recognize lawyers who are good or great on the basis of qualification, skills, training, experience, and percentage of winning the case in favor of their clients. So try to see the third-party rating about the good lawyers in Saudi Arabia before hiring them.

C. Skills of Good Lawyers in Saudi Arabia

There are certain core, advanced, and technical legal skills that every lawyer student should have in addition to expertise of legal specialization of the field. Legal positions of lawyers may vary in responsibility and scope, but the impact of legal skills remains unchanging and plays a very important role in the judgment of clients’ cases in court. Therefore, you must see the legal skills of good lawyers in Saudi Arabia before hiring them to plead your case. Because, good and successful lawyers not only have extensive technical legal expertise but also excellent skills to win the clients’ cases. Some of important good lawyers’ skills are: 

  1. Logical thinking ability skills
  2. Listening skills
  3. Writing and case drafting skills
  4. Good communication skills
  5. Public speaking skills
  6. Research skills
  7. Perseverance skills
  8. Analytical skills
  9. Creativity skills
  10. Comprehension skills
  11. Enquiring skills
  12. Decision making skills
  13. Good judgment deriving skills

Note: Each of the above skills of a good lawyer will be given in detail in the next article.

D. Ethics and Duties of Good Lawyers in Saudi Arabia

Ethics and duties of lawyers in the legal profession are based on legal principles to direct and control the lawyers and their conduct during practicing law in the court. The legal principles to decide code of conduct for good lawyers in Saudi Arabia are obligatory in nature and advocates or lawyers must act and perform their duties in accordance with it. These ethics and code of conduct are:

  • Independence of personal interest or third-party influence
  • Reflect confidence by maintaining dignity, integrity, and honor of profession
  • Follow duties towards the court
  • Maintain duties towards the clients
  • Respect duties towards the opponent, etc.

FAQs on How to Choose the Good Lawyers in Saudi Arabia

Q.What is the difference between lawyer and advocate?

Ans. A lawyer is a general term used for a legal professional who has obtained a Bachelor of Law (LLB) degree. While an advocate is a specialist in law and has got a license from the state to practice in a court of law and registered in a bar council or association. 

Q. What qualities are good in a lawyer?

Ans. The qualities of a good lawyer are passion for the legal profession, compassion for clients, willingness to listen, writing ability, verbal communication skill, good judgment, etc.

Q. What is the most important skill for a lawyer?Ans. The most important skills for a lawyer are technical legal skill, advocacy, drafting, oral and written communication, resilience, etc.