One of 10 Top Law Firms in Saudi Arabia

top law firm in Saudi Arabia

Top Law Firms in Saudi Arabia: F. Al Tamimi is recognized as one of the top 10 best law firms in Saudi Arabia for providing transparent, quality, result oriented and reliable all types of legal services including company formation, licensing, investment, civil, criminal, family, matrimonial, etc. disputes and cases on competitive cost in the legal services market. In this article we cover international lawyers in KSA, Saudi Arabia Law Firms and lawyers, F. Al Tamimi Law Firm in Saudi Arabia and why it is one of the best corporate law firms, etc.  

International Lawyers in Saudi Arabia

International lawyers in Riyadh/Dammam KSA

Fahad Al Tamimi is one of the top law firms in Saudi Arabia. It has learned and experienced Saudi and international lawyers in Riyadh/Dammam, KSA. Our law firm in Saudi Arabia is associated with reputed law firms in different countries which provide international lawyers in Saudi Arabia regularly to execute international legal services as per our requirments. 

Top Law Firms in Saudi Arabia

Our office and associated experienced international lawyers in Saudi Arabia focus on various traditional and legal areas of expertise such as international taxes, international investments and investment management,  international corporate and finance transactions, public and private international law, international trade, and international litigation and arbitration. Our clients and other companies doing business in the KSA have good experiences in our legal services through Fahad Al-tamimi Saudi and international lawyers in Saudi Arabia. 

Top Law Firms in Saudi Arabia

The Law Office of Fahad Al-Tamimi is located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia and has a license issued by the Saudi Ministry of Justice to practice and serve clients’ legal issues in the Kingdom. We are considered as one of the “Top Law Firms in Saudi Arabia” because of our transparency, service to commitments, and satisfaction of clients.Our firm is authorized to practice in its own name and allowed to ensure regular and quality services to clients belonging to all small and big cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including Dammam, Riyadh, Jeddah, Al Khobar, etc.

Top Law Firms in Saudi Arabia

Our professional and nationally and globally recognised experienced legal advisors in Saudi Arabia have a deep understanding and up to date knowledge of Saudi Arabian businesses, legal and regulatory systems, and different family, corporate, and other laws. As a result Fahad Al Tamimi law firm in Saudi Arabia has become the top choice for local, regional, and global companies to provide sound, strategic, and result oriented legal services.

Saudi Arabia Law Firms and Lawyers

Fahad Al-tamimi is one of leading Saudi Arabia Law Firms which provides knowledgeable trusted legal advisors for both companies legal issues as well as individual disputes in any type of legal process. Our legal consultants are specialists in different legal matters and fields like company formation, foreign direct investment in Saudi Arabia, real estate, corporate laws, banking and finance, family laws, capital markets, labor laws, etc. 

We have a vast range of legal services experience for example – personal and criminal cases of all types, disputes and cases of financial claims, issues with insurance companies, inheritance cases, administrative cases, etc. Our clients, local, regional, national and from other countries have faith and full confidence in our legal advice and services in Saudi Arabia. This is the reason why we are recognised as one of the top law firms in Saudi Arabia.

Fahad Al Tamimi Law Firm in Saudi Arabia

Fahad Al Tamimi Law Firm in Saudi Arabia is one the most trusted law firms in the KSA. Its lawyers and legal consultants are famous and known for their expertise, analytical approach to each and every point related to a particular case pleading in the court of justice in Saudi Arabia. Our law firm is a legal consultancy, a lawful entity under license No. 3574 issued by the Saudi Government’s Ministry of Justice.

F. Al Tamimi legal consultancy is one of the top law firms in Saudi Arabia because of its most reliable both Saudi and Non-Saudi lawyers who have Masters and PhD in legal education. Our legal advisors and consultants serve the clients with an attitude to lead them till the result of their expectation. They are always available as per the customer’s requirements. Thus, they help the clients to grow, innovate in their functioning, succeed in their businesses and lives with the help of right legal means for right result in all legal disputes and cases.

In the light of “Vision 2030 for Saudi Arabia” set by Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman, we are committed to help our customers follow all legal changes and work accordingly to be ahead in their businesses, personal and family life.

Vision 2030 of Crown Prince has proposed a strategic framework of diverse nature of steps to be taken to reduce the Kingdom’s dependance on oil by diversifying its economy in different fields. He has decided to ease the process of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the country for developing the infrastructure by foreign investors, to give the opportunities to local, national and international companies to set up their new businesses in all fields. He has also opened the door to develop public sectors like health, education, recreation, and tourism industries in Saudi Arabia.

Our law firm in Saudi Arabia has expert professional legal consultants who provide their result oriented quality services in different legal and business fields such as:

  • Company formation both independent and joint venture (local and foreign) 
  • Matter and  disputes related to banking & finance
  • Debt collection issues and disputes
  • Matter and disputes related to commerce & corporate sectors
  • All MISA related services under one roof
  • Disputes and cases related to securities 
  • Complete solutions to investment.including foreign direct investment
  • Issues and disputes related to collection
  • Insurance dispute and litigation
  • Dispute and cases related to Real Estate 
  • Labor and employment cases and issues/Cases
  • Legal services related to execution  of judgment
  • Family and personal status disputes and cases
  • Civil cases and disputes
  • Criminal cases and disputes
  • Disputes and issues related to appointment
  • Drafting of all kinds of contracts between parties

F. Al Tamimi is one of Top 10 Best Law Firms in Saudi Arabia: Why

Fahad Al Tamimi is one of the top 10 best law firms in Saudi Arabia because it provides lawyers and legal advisors who are known for their expertise and excellence in legal services in the KSA and the Middle East. There are many unique features for which Fahad Al Tamimi is considered one of the top 10 best law firms in Saudi Arabia, such as:

  • F. Al Tamimi has a team of learned and specialized lawyers and legal consultants who are expert and experienced in all branches of law along with a required number of other professional employees, administrators, and secretaries.
  • It has modern means of communication needed to provide legal services in all regions of Saudi Arabia and cooperation with legal offices in the GCC states and other countries to plead our cases mutually in the Kingdom.
  • Our legal consultants provide legal counseling and advice to clients both orally and written including drafting all types of contracts in both Arabic and English languages.
  • Our lawyers in Saudi Arabia study all types of required documents and previous judgements like commercial, civil, criminal, labor, etc. as per need before the law courts and committees for pleading our cases to have right judgements. 
  • Our legal advisors perform their legal duties following the principles of fairness and justice under the guidance of Allah.
  • The lawyers at our law firms keep clients’ privacy and secrets confidential in all situations and try to win their trust and credibility through delivering positive results. 
  • Al Tamimi is one of the top law firms because of having an external reputed advisory board consisting of distinguished legal experts, field leaders, and industry veterans from the Kingdom, Middle East leading corporate sectors, financial institutions along with international academia in the field of jurisprudence. 
  • These are the features why Fahad Al Tamimi has got its position among the top law firms in Saudi Arabia.

Corporate Law Firms in Saudi Arabia

Corporate Law Firms in Saudi Arabia

Fahad Al Tamimi is one of the Top Corporate Law Firms in Saudi Arabia for providing the most experienced corporate lawyers to understand and plead its clients’ disputes and cases related to their companies and businesses. They always give the legal and practical advice to help the corporate clients achieve their objectives set before. 

Our team of legal experts  assist our local and foreign clients in the launching of startup companies with help of investment from within the country and outside of the Kingdom including their growth and development in Saudi Arabia. They also provide legal guidance in corporate laws necessary in businesses and their operation like investment licensing, financial services, labor, intellectual property, etc. 

Our legal corporate consultants provide legal services required in commercial and corporate issues, disputes and cases transparently at a competitive service cost available in the legal service market in Saudi Arabia and globally. These are the characteristics which made us to be recognised as one of the top law firms in Saudi Arabia. 

FAQs on Top Law Firms in Saudi Arabia

Q. Who is the most powerful law firm in Saudi Arabia?

Ans. Fahad Al Tamimi is one of the most powerful law firms in Saudi Arabia.

Q. Can a foreign lawyer practice in Saudi Arabia?

Ans. A foreign lawyer in Saudi Arabia must fulfill all the required conditions of a Saudi lawyer for practicing in the Kingdom.

Q. How many lawyers are there in Saudi Arabia?

Ans. There are approximately more than nine thousand lawyers including 1364 female lawyers as per latest statistics in Saudi Arabia.